1. Introduced my #German companions to that coffee mate, ok coffee time!

  2. Amen 🙏

  3. ✅ Fed the baby bunnies

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  5. My #1 song right now! 🔊📣


  6. Today Remember!

    If you are not truly living than you’re better off dead. 

    —> Should be motivating, please..

    no suicides :o 

  7. wow so that just happened !

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  9. well that was unexpected

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  10. Happens oh too often

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  11. dodgeball level 2,767 

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    (lol here!)

    Goodnes graCious

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    so this commercial is being taken down and off of tv after Cheerios got complaints from people about how this commercial is promoting bi-racial families. as a child coming from a bi-racial family i’m actually astonished and disgusted. it’s 20 fucking 13 people, get a grip.

    Wait what

    What then can we all just spread this around online cause it’s pretty damn cute

    That’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Who the hell has a problem with this?

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    he looks like a joint

    what the fuck kind of joints do you roll


    cant breathe


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    too cool

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