1. I’m no good with gifts.. (at Stadt Coburg)

  2. #Hamburg amazing by day. (at Parlament Hamburg)

  3. Long day, 😋 (at Starbucks Deutschland)

  4. Introduced my #German companions to that coffee mate, ok coffee time!

  5. Amen 🙏

  6. ✅ Fed the baby bunnies

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  8. My #1 song right now! 🔊📣


  9. Today Remember!

    If you are not truly living than you’re better off dead. 

    —> Should be motivating, please..

    no suicides :o 

  10. wow so that just happened !

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  12. well that was unexpected

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  13. Happens oh too often

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  14. dodgeball level 2,767 

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    Goodnes graCious

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